10 Ways Learning English Will Improve Your Life

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Have you been thinking about finally becoming fluent in English for a while, but you need that extra push of motivation to get you going?

Perhaps you are already mastering English, but you want to know exactly what the point is of putting in all that hard work.

English will drastically improve your life!

These 10 ways English fluency will improve your life should leave no doubt in your mind that learning English is definitely worth your time.


Improvement #1: Hollywood

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Everyone knows Hollywood does it big—bigger than any other film industry in the world.

Learning to speak English fluently will enable you to watch Hollywood movies and actually understand them!

No longer will you have to search for subtitles in your native language and miss out on the newest blockbusters.

What better reason do you need to learn English than to really dive in to all of the glamour and action that is Hollywood?


Improvement #2: Travel

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English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

Having good mastery of English will enable you to communicate with people everywhere on the planet, and of course this means that travel will be way easier no matter where you go!

Any airport in the world you arrive at, you are sure to find someone that speaks English who will be able to help you.

Speaking English will also greatly expand the kind of traveling you can do—even enable you to obtain degrees internationally or find a job internationally.


Improvement #3: Business

NYCEDC: General Assembly

Speaking English is a huge asset to be able to put on your resume.

Companies absolutely love hiring employees who speak English fluently because it increases their abilities to reach international markets, communicate with international customers, and form partnerships with international companies.

Trying to get that promotion at work?

Busting out with some English at your next board meeting probably won’t hurt.


Improvement #4: Brains

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Learning a new language simply makes you smarter.

The process of learning a new skill rejuvenates your brain and reminds it how to learn new things, meaning anything else you try to learn after learning a new language will be way easier than it would have been before.

This especially applies to learning another language—it will seem like a breeze after mastering your first new language.

After learning English, other languages in the same family such as German will seem like a breeze.

Take advantage of this new brain juice and conquer the world!


Improvement #5: Dating

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Let’s face it, is there anything more attractive than someone sophisticated and worldly?

Someone who is cultured and understands the facts of life?

Speaking a second language is a hugely attractive quality.

In addition, learning English expands your dating pool to other people who speak English!


This list should re-inspire you to get to work!

If you play your cards right, in no time you’ll be able to watch the greatest movies in the world, travel everywhere in the world, become a CEO, learn everything there is to learn, and finally score that hottie you’ve been pining after for years—all because you learned English!

Don’t wait one more day to turn your life around—do it now!

Summer Jobs For Students With Great Pay

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Summer break is a great time to hang out with your friends, head to the beach or just relax back at home.

But students, specially high school and college students choose to spend their time doing something productive, for earning some extra cash during the summers.

They often seek for summer jobs, it’s a great way to assert their freedom.

Once you figure out what kind of job you want to opt for, it gets easier.

There are a variety of part time jobs out there, it is up to you if you want to work alone, or with others, work outside or sit back home and earn.

Here I’m going to list down 6 best summer jobs for students, both part-time and full time jobs for every kind of student.




There are plenty of students out there who wants to enhance or continue with their education can opt for tutoring.

If you’re strong at a particular subject, like English for example. you can put notices on bulletin boards in your town to offer your services as a tutor to non-native speakers.

You can charge starting from $14 or $15 per hour.

If you hold advanced degrees and have years of experience, then you can even charge up to $50 or so.

Beside making good money, you will earn great experience which you can put into your college application.

So, set your own hours which will also leave you with plenty of time to spend with your friends.



summerjob 2

Most parents have a tight working schedule, leaving them with no time to spend behind their young children.

Good baby-sitters are very hard to come by nowadays.

They mostly get paid around $15 per hour which is not bad at all.

If you’re good at taking care of kids, you can find yourself a profitable employment, while earning a great pay.



summerjob 3

Summer vacation is a great time to hit their favourite destination for many people, but what about their pets?

Taking care of their pets while the family enjoys their vacation, that is when you get yourself employed.

It is a very important job where they trust you with their pets to be taken care of.

Experiences with cats, dogs or other domestic animals is vital and can be very enjoying at times.



summerjob 4

It is a comparatively tough job but being a lifeguard can be enjoying as well.

You get to work outside, often along with your friends in a fun environment.

There are some basic requirements, most of the municipalities follow the standards for lifeguarding set by the Red Cross like first aid requirements, basic water rescue, CPR certification.

If you’re a good swimmer, then what are you waiting for?

Go, head the beaches, get employed and earn a good pay.



summerjob 5

Summer is one the most appropriate time for tourism which leads to opening of many summer jobs.

Resorts, hotels, restaurants all hire extra staff for the summer.

Most of them pay well and include good tips.

It also gives you a good opportunity to meet a wide section of people from across the country.


Camp Counselor

Summer camp counselor with diverse goup of children

Enjoy heading the outdoors? Going for camping, playing sports and hiking?

Then being a camp counselor is the best job for you, unless and until you don’t mind watching over kids for weeks when their parents are not around.

This job allows you to spend a lot of time outdoors, mentoring young kids and developing useful skills needed for both life and work.

There are summer camps all over the country, and the pay amount varies greatly, especially for employees who are working only in the summers.

10 Countries That Are in High Demand For English Teachers

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English is by far the world’s most widely spoken language.

The number of Native Speakers (those whose first language is English) stands at 359 million, most of them predominantly located in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Those who speak English as their second or third language number approximately 1 billion worldwide.

Being the international language of commerce (lingua franca), there is a very huge demand for its teacher’s world over with the following countries topping the list:



countries for english teachers 1

China is the world’s largest country by population.

It is also the world’s second largest economy and its influence in the world’s trade, infrastructure and economy is in an upward trajectory.

For that reason, there is a very huge need for English teachers to equip the Chinese citizens with the tools to participate effectively in the world stage.

All that is needed is the Test of English as a Foreign Language Certification.


South Korea

countries for english teachers 2

This country does offer some of the most attractive remuneration packages for English teaching.

Teachers are paid around $2,000 to $3,000 per month basic pay plus round-trip flights, insurance, and apartment rentals.

They also require only the Test of English as a Foreign Language Certification.



Shinjuku at Night, Tokyo

The largest employer of English teachers in Japan is the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program.

There are other unaffiliated employers as well.

Japan too offers the same remuneration packages as South Korea, the only difference being in the cost of living which is much higher in Japan than in Korea.

The key requirement is the Test of English as a Foreign Language Certification.



countries for english teachers 4

This country is eager to make giant economic milestones which have necessitated the creation of a large pool of English speakers.

Wages are much lower and so is the cost of life.

The main requirement for the eligibility to teach English in this country is the Test of English as a Foreign Language Certification.




It presents so many opportunities to teach English such as instructing businessmen, dedicated language schools, freelance English tutoring and private schools for wealthy children.

Obtaining a visa to the country is a bit difficult though, so adequate preparation is therefore necessary.



countries for english teachers 6

The country avails a plethora of English teaching opportunities in kindergartens, public high schools, and cram schools otherwise popularly known as buxibans.

Teachers are paid pretty well, with most estimates pointing to an annual pay of around $50,000.


United Arab Emirates

countries for english teachers 7

This Arabic-speaking oil rich country does compensate English teachers pretty well (around $3,000 to $4,000) per month.

There are opportunities for both teaching and translations (from Arabic to English and vice versa).

Translation services are highly paid than teaching jobs.


Saudi Arabia

countries for english teachers 8

The pay in this country is more or less equal to those in the United Arab Emirates.

The laws of the land are a bit strange though.

Islam is the state religion, interactions with locals are highly restricted, women are not allowed to drive cars and the sexes are separate – just to mention a few!



countries for english teachers 9

The demand for English language has been necessitated by the impending integration of the Association of the East Asian Nations economic zone in 2015.

That’s because its official language of business is English.

Wages are moderate, as do the cost of living.


Czech Republic

countries for english teachers 10

Most citizens of the Czech Republic do travel abroad more so to the European Union member states to look for work.

English is the main language spoken within those states hence the need to learn it.

Wages are moderate but the living cost is a bit high.

However, the republic does offer plenty of tourist opportunities which negate the need to travel abroad for them.

7 Ways Introverts Can Stand Out and Get the Right Job


Finding a job, standing out to employers and landing the perfect job can all be very difficult. Introverts in particular, can find this difficult.

Introverts are often reserved and are sometimes uncomfortable in big groups of people.

They may also appear not as enthusiastic or less engaged. Sadly, these qualities can be taken the wrong way.

The good news is, introverts really can be very worthy assets in the workforce.


1. Be Specific and Picky.

Decide what it is that you really want to have in a job and a workplace and stick to it.

Before applying for a job, find out as much information about the company as you can.

This may provide you with insight if the job and company will suit you or not.


2. Take It Slowly.

If you do not like to be forced into things or to be rushed, give yourself extra time to consider your options.

By setting some parameters on the specific job and company you are after, this can save you some unnecessary stress later on.

Before you apply, choose only the top choices. If you have landed an interview, be sure that you prepare yourself as much as you can.

This will help you go to the interview with confidence.


3. Whilst being interviewed, pay attention.

Always pay as much attention as you can during any interview.

Be aware of how the manager responds to you. If they don’t seem interested, do your best to develop your responses further.

Keep eye contact and smile.


4. After the interview, do a follow up.

After you have been interviewed, make some time to think about how it went.

Try to consider what it might have been like from the managers eyes.

Write down why you think you are the person for the job.

Send an email or letter to the manager to say thank you. Briefly remind them of how you might be right for the job.


5. Be Yourself.

When you go for an interview, always be yourself.

There is no good appearing to be someone you are not.

Be as relaxed as you possibly can.

If you are relaxed you will probably be able to get your responses out without stumbling.

Most people can tell if others are nervous.


6. Be Honest.

When applying for jobs and going for interviews, always be honest.

Be up front with your skills, qualities and assets that you are capable of doing.

There is no good pretending you can do something when you cannot.

The employer will find out later on.


7. Questions.

Prepare some questions to take with you to the interview and write them down.

This will show the employer that you are interested in them and their company.

Having a list of questions will also give you more confidence.

5 Job Hunting Myths that You Should Not Believe

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Searching for a job is probably one of the most tiresome and frustrating experiences that many people have to go through at one point in their lives.

When searching for a job, it is very likely that you will take everyone’s advice very seriously.

However, this should not be the case as some of the advice you will be given will be discouraging rather than encouraging.

Take a look at these five job hunting myths that have been overtaken by time to arm yourself against listening to wrong advice while searching for a job.


1. Your resume should be one page

job hunting myths 1

Most job seekers pay too much attention to this myth such that they forget that the most important part of searching for a job is convincing the employer that you are qualified for the vacant position.

There is no page limit when it comes to writing a resume.

Instead, you should write as many pages as will be enough to contain all the necessary content about your professionalism in respect to the job you are applying for.

However, it is important that you write your resume to the point with no filler content whatsoever.


2. Your resume should have an objective statement

job hunting myths 2

In a bid to be more competitive than other applicants, most job seekers include an objective message in their resume.

Well, there is nothing wrong with this message as long as it is relevant to the position you are applying for.

At times, including this message can be catastrophic especially in instances when the message does not match with what the employer is looking for.

It is advisable that a well drafted cover letter that will highlight your objective in a more efficient way.


3. Stating your weaknesses positively

job hunting myths 3

When an employer asks you about your weaknesses he/she is not looking forward to know whether you recognize your weak areas.

Instead, he/she wants to know how you plan on overcoming the weaknesses such that they do not affect your output ability.

So, you should not state your weaknesses positively but instead outline the plan you will use to overcome and be as productive as you can.

Never promise the employer that you will ignore your weaknesses when undertaking your duties as you can only improve your areas of weakness and not ignore them.


4. The better your qualifications, the better the job you will get

job hunting myths 4

Better qualifications do not automatically translate to a better job.

This is because in most instances, employers look for people with the skills (not knowledge) to handle duties and tasks in their organizations.

For instance, an applicant with the maximum qualifications and poor communication skills may not be as competitive as an applicant with the minimum qualifications but good communication skills.

In any job application, the applicant must prove to the employer that he/she can be able to transfer the skills in the resume to the job position once hired.


5. Your resume should be flashy

job hunting myths 5

Most employers barely have time to go through the hundreds of resumes they receive for every job advertisement.

Therefore if your resume is flashy and contains too much complicated information, it is possible that you will miss out on the position you have applied for.

To avoid this, always ensure that your resume is simple and that it is easily readable.

When applying for a job, ensure that your resume, CV and cover letter show your qualification to fill the advertised job.

This is because your papers may be the only opportunity you have to show your ability and competitiveness to a potential employer.

Stay Optimistic: Your Dream Job Is Yours To Take

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Well, we all reach that age where we have to be independent, throughout several years of education, our goal is to find a satiable job, which will help us to live a consistent and a peaceful life.

But, once we complete our education, is it that easy to get a job?

For most of us, it isn’t.

We search for, the most ideal job with all strength and passion, and as time passes we get frustrated and compromise with any job we get and live a unsatisfied professional life.

So how to stay focused and be optimistic when the job search drags.


1. Assess your knowledge and skill

job hunting 1

Firstly, we have to do a complete assessment about our knowledge of the job we are trying.

We have to be confident enough in all aspects with regards to the job.

Once we are confident about job knowledge we will have the drive and passion to wait for the right job and opportunity.

This is the basic and core point to stay optimistic, because without any skill or knowledge, waiting for someone to offer you job is close to impossible.


2. Don’t get disappointed, have patience


We all need to accept rejection, life is not a fairy tale, we wont get whatever we want in a blink of an eye. we have to struggle and work hard to reach the place we want to be.

So, think about the reasons why you got rejected, it could be as simple as a matter of communication.

Maybe you are absolutely perfect for the job and extensively knowledgeable, but how will the person who interviews you know if you don’t communicate properly.

So highlight your weakness and start working on it, like now, Right NOW!

Accept rejection with grace and use it as tool to succeed.


3. Read books

job hunting 3

If you are into reading and get inspired by reading books, please go ahead and read some inspirational books by great authors.

I’ve personally seen many people getting highly inspired by reading and work so hard that has changed their lives tremendously.

It is definitely worth a try and will keep your spirits high to never give up.


4. Talk to a special person about how you feel

job hunting 4

Have you ever thought, by just talking you can solve many problems, some which you held it in you for a long time, and let it grow inside you.

What happens when you don’t express how you feel.

You get frustrated at every little thing and the anger keeps growing inside you until you become a super negative person and make your company irritable.

A simple solution for this is, chose a special person a trust worthy person with whom you can share everything and not get mocked, it could be your mother, friend, brother or anyone whom you think can understand your situation.

They will definitely help you overcome the negativity and appreciate you for the efforts you’ve been taking all along for the job search, and at this point appreciation is exactly the thing you need.

Talk, and you’ll see the difference in you, you will start working even more harder for that person.


5. Keep yourself engaged in sports or mental activities

job hunting 5

Always know, you were not born just to work, all those years of growing you would have developed wonderful skills like singing, dancing, sports, and many more.

Never give up on that, whenever you feel low, try and engage in any activity you love most, which will help you overcome disappointment.


6. Contact a person who is already in the profession or career you are trying for

job hunting 6

Well we all know knowledge is important, experience is as important as well.

I’ll tell you why, you might have tremendous knowledge about the job,but that is all in theory.

You don’t have actual experience doing the job, basically because you haven’t been provided with an opportunity yet.

So try contacting as many people possible who are in same streamline as you wish to be and interact with them, and learn how things are done and what is actually expected of you at the job.

This will also give you a fair idea as to what you will doing in future, and that’s critical.

You might develop a new love for the job or vice-versa, both helps.


7. Be curious

job hunting 7

As mentioned many times above, don’t get disappointed and kill your curious self.

Ask as many questions as possible, learn new things, never stop learning, don’t contain yourself with limited sources of knowledge.

Whatever you want to know, is just a google search away, so never stop exploring.

Don’t give a chance to the interviewer to let you go.


8. Don’t show people that your are disappointed and helpless

job hunting 8

I agree, I told you share things with a person, but that is with just one or couple of them.

You don’t have to express what you feel to the whole wide world.

By which I mean, don’t post or share disappointing things and frustrating things at social network websites, you are not trying to please anyone or gain sympathy, you have to understand and save that in your mind, and you never get what you are seeking for a social network sites, your so called friends and followers might feel that your extremely annoying and irritating, which to some extent is true because you are not trying to find a solution but hanging to what has happened to you and whining over it, they cant understand what you are going through, and why should they?

So definitely don’t post stuff like, I hate my life, Unfair world , and stupid things like that, it will not only make you look stupid but also not take you anywhere, you will be stuck in there forever.